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<font size=2><b>All stock quantities in AVI are by dose. <u>Please place orders and reconcile inventory by doses</u>, not by package.</b></font><br><br> <font color=Blue><b>Recommended Browsers: Google Chrome v66+ and the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari.</b></font color><br> Internet Explorer 11 is scheduled to be discontinued in 2022 and we will be removing it from our supported browser list in early 2022. <br> <br>Weekly Maintenance is scheduled on <u>every Tuesday between 6pm to 9pm</u>. During this time the AVI website may be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

<style>.blink {animation:blinker 1.3s linear infinite;}@keyframes blinker {50% {opacity: 0;}}</style><b><u>General Information - Updated Aug 30, 2022</b></u><ul><li><b>Community pharmacies & physician clinics:</b> Must register in AVI to receive provincially-funded vaccine, including influenza.<li><b>Provincially-funded immunization program questions, including influenza:</b> Email <a href="mailto:"></a>. <font color=red><b>Updated</b></font color></li><li><b>Product Problem:</b> Manufacturing defects must be reported using the <i><a href="">publicly funded vaccine product form</a>.</i><li><b>Cold Chain Excursions: </b> Refer to Part 2 in the <a href="">Alberta Immunization Policy (AIP)</a> (Section 6). <br>

<!--UPDATES--><style>.blink {animation:blinker 1.3s linear infinite;}@keyframes blinker {50% {opacity: 0;}}</style><b><u>Important Information - Updated January 25, 2023</u></b><font color=red><b>&nbsp;Updated</font color></b><br><ul><li><b>Pfizer-BionTech COVID Expiry Extensions:</b></font> Certain Pfizer-BioNTech Adult & Pediatric COVID vaccine expiration dates were extended. Affects lots can be found under the <a href="">Health Product Risk Communication</a> section.</li> <ul><li><b>New bivalent information under the <a href="">Health Product Risk Communication</a> section as of Dec 2022</b> <li><b>New extensions as of May 2022: <a href="" target="_blank">Click here for the letter</b></a><br> <br><li><b>Health Canada has approved the following expiry extensions: <font color=red><b>&nbsp;NEW</font color></b></b><br><ul><li><b>Lot FK5618</b> extended from 2022-08-31 to 2023-02-28.<li><b>Lot FL4211</b> extended from 2022-09-30 to 2023-03-31. <li><b>Lot FX4343</b> extended from 2023-01-31 to 2023-07-31.<li><b>Lot FX9154</b> extended from 2023-02-28 to 2023-08-28. <li><b>Lot FY3680</b> extended from 2023-02-28 to 2023-08-28. <ul><li> All listed expiry extensions have been updated in AVI.

<!--UPDATES--><style>.blink {animation:blinker 1.3s linear infinite;}@keyframes blinker {50% {opacity: 0;}}</style><b><u>Important Information Continued - Updated January 25, 2023</u></b><ul> <li><b>Moderna Expiry Extensions:</b></font> Certain lots of Spikevax COVID vaccine expiration dates were extended by Health Canada. Please refer to the document(s) found under <a href="" target="_blank">Health Product Risk Communication</a> on Moderna's website.</li><br><ul><li><b>Health Canada has approved the following expiry extensions: <font color=red><b>&nbsp;NEW</font color></b></b><br><ul><li><b>Lot 010D22A</b> extended from 2023-01-21 to 2023-04-21.

<!--UPDATES--><b><u>Communication & Documents - Updated October 9, 2022</u></b><ul><li><a href=""target="_blank"><font color=blue>2022-10-05 URGENT RECALL BOOSTRIX PFS LOT 2259Z</font></a><font color=red></font color><ul><li>Please quarantine this lot and follow up with your AHS Depot or Distributor for further instructions.</ul><br> <li><a href=""target="_blank"><font color=blue>2022-08-29 Vaccine Inventory Management and Compliance in AVI (Pharmacy/Physician)</font></a><li><a href=""target="_blank"><font color=blue>2022-08-29 Responsibility Agreement and AVI Access **All AVI Users**</font></a><br><br><li><font size=4><a href="" target="_blank"></font size><b><font color=blue>Click here for the AVI Expectations & Guidelines (2022-08-29)</font color></a></b></font color><ul><li>Version notes for 2022-08-29: Updated orders/transfers receipt requirement to once a week on Mondays before 9 PM<li>Version notes for 2022-08-12: Added guidelines for other provincially-funded vaccines</ul>

<b><u> AVI Weekly Compliance Notice - Updated January 25, 2023</u></b> <ul><li>The <b>AVI Expectations & Guidelines Document</b> outlines the required weekly AVI responsibilities to receive provincially-funded vaccine. <ul><li> This document is found on the Communications & Documents section on the AVI login screen </ul><br> <ul><li><b>Inventory Reconciliation Save button BUG:</b></font> <ul><li>Due to a bug within the AVI system, the Save button is visually updating the Last Inventory Submitted date within the Reconciliation screen. Although the date has changed (when using the Save button), the <u>inventory submission is not successfully completed </u> when using the save button. The Submit button is the only way to successfully submit inventory on the reconciliation screen. <li> <b>To confirm you have reconciled correctly using the Submit Inventory button:</b> <ul><li>Click on the Inventory Last Submitted date on the Reconciliation screen. The dates within the pop-up will show the true Submit Inventory dates. The Save button will NOT update the dates within the pop-up.</ul></li>

<style>#blackout {background: rgba(102, 102, 102, 0.5);width: 100%;height: 100%;position: absolute;top: 0;left: 0;display: none;} #box { width: 300px; height: 80px; text-align: center; padding: 10px; border: 3px solid #0000cc; border-radius: 10px; color: #0000cc; position: absolute; top: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; margin: auto; background: #fff; } #blackout:target {display: block;} .close { color: #0000cc; background: #f2f2f2;}.close:hover {background: #e6e6ff;} </style> <div style="background:#EEEEEE; padding-left:6px; line-height:125%;">&nbsp;</div> <div style="background:#304C7F; padding-left: 6px; line-height:125%; color: white; font-size: 13px; font-family: Helvetica;"><b>Need to register?</b></div> <div style="background:#BFBFBF; padding-left: 6px; line-height:125%;">&nbsp;</div> <div style="background:#EEEEEE; padding-left:6px; padding-right:7px; padding-top:7px;font-family:Helvetica;font-size:13px;"> Community pharmacies and community physician clinics that require access to the Alberta Vaccine Inventory (AVI) system, use the "Register" button. Or <div id="blackout"><div id="box">AHS providers must reach out to their AHS Depot or visit the AHS AVI registration page for information on facility and user requests or changes.<br><br><a href="#" class="close">Close</a></div></div><a href="#blackout"><i>click here</i></a> for guidance if you are an AHS provider.<br><br><b>Important Note: AVI accounts are automatically suspended after 6 months of inactivity. </b><br>Please connect with <a href="mailto:"></a> if you require assistance with your account.<br><br></div></div> <div style="background:#EEEEEE; text-align: center;"><button class="btn btn-success" onclick="'')">Register</button><br><br></div>
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